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At The Drive (formerly known as The Egonomist); your premier source for rants, raves and arguments on topics from Politics to News to Social Trends, with a focus on New Zealand but with an eye to the world. Each week Dan and Dave will bring you new episodes. Sometimes deep and philosophical, sometimes filth and vitriol, we aim to be a voice of informed malcontent.
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Dec 28, 2016


Coming to you live from Day 0 of the Israeli-Kiwi conflict - we are apparently at war. NZ supporting a vote to restate the long and widely held international position on plainly illegal settlements was the provocative act.  Poor Bill English has been prime minister 30mins and already has to deal with this nation entering the bloody conflicts of the middle east.

In other news, English might be on to something with prisons. He probably is not on to much with the families of the Pike River miners.

Joining us this episode is Mike of Riot Radio, who'll be back in episode 5 for our annual music roundup extravaganza.

Bumper music; The Rite of Spring, Stravinsky

Dec 10, 2016

Hey, John Key only resigned.

2016: All Politics All The Time comes through with another massive hit. Key's gone, out of nowhere into nowhere. Do we actually have a pundit class or are we flying blind (or at best, with one eye)? What does Key's resignation mean for the disaffected factions he kept a lid on? Did Collins make a massive mistake? Again? Are things about to get... worse?

And, as Bill English revisits his old early 2000s ambitions, so to does Kevin with DJ Shadow.

Bumper Music:

Mozart - Requiem 

DJ Shadow - Stem/Long Stem (feat. Duncan Garner)

Black Grape - Squeaky

Carly Rae Jepsen - LA Hallucinations 

Nov 28, 2016

Hey now,

We had an earthquake since we last chatted. Is it too soon to ask "what's up?"

In a new age of strong-man politics - Trump, Putin, Duterte et al - will it be unusual in the future for a world leader to die at 90? Fidel Castro checked out this week, leaving his cafe empire to the residents of his home city; us.

Trump remains president-elect, and yet the left is the problem apparently. Is "identity politics" alienating navel gazing, certain to ruin our chances with the salt of the earth?  Or is it a target you can move about at will when you're angry about getting owned. If nobody is arguing in good faith, could it actually be many things?

Is fake news a problem? Can the media reform? You'll never guess what the answer is. Take our quiz to find out. 

Bumper Music:

Sad13 - Fixina

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan

Empire of the Sun - Two Vines

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - If It Was a Snake It Would Have Bit You

Nov 13, 2016


This is about fascism arriving, and being accepted, into the United States.

Audio links: Lamia Imam talks to Kim Hill, Chapo Trap House re Clinton's loss.

Bumper Music:

Sibelius Violin Concerto in D Minor

Rich Robinson "Only A Pawn In Their Game" (Bob Dylan)

Divine Inspiration "The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand)"

A Tribe Called Quest "The Donald"

Oct 30, 2016

Hey! Sorry for the delay. Moving house sucks.

The USA election is nearing a close, but the sheer weight of loose ends means any narrative closure is still a distant dream. 

The loss of Helen Kelly is incredibly sad, and we mourn for what NZ may have looked like had she lived a long and proper time.

In a terrible game of Would You Rather, the nation tosses up gang vigilantes vs thousands more police. Cops get cute on social media while operate under false pretences out and about.

And Judith Collins' assertion that poverty can never influence crime puts talk radio out of business.

Bumper music:

The Kingsman - Louie Louie

Aimee Mann - Can't You See?


Crystal Fairy - Drugs on the Bus 

Oct 9, 2016


Aaron Smith had a sex and the whole nation went nuts. Sports, eh. Don Brash is back. Congrats to all the mayors. Trump's sleaze velocity is too quick to properly measure. And libertarianism gets an airing.

Bumper music:

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Roots Manuva - Witness

Best Coast - In My Eyes

The Right Brothers - Bush Was Right

Sep 25, 2016


Kevin meets a South African. We have a few drinks and a few drinks have us - the listener is saved from a diatribe on Syria by Dave injuring himself. Kids these days can't even maths. And nostalgia for times of great embarrassment almost make me delete this episode. Hurrah.

Bumper Music:

Lady Chann - Not Me

Paul Simon - Under African Skies

Queens of the Stone Age - the Blood is Love

JME - Don't @ Me

Sep 16, 2016


Listen to the Valkyries!

The new iPhone is here so we're a tech podcast now. What does this mean, at all?

Wellington isn't the only place having a mayor (though we are), Auckland is also getting the business. Its race is somehow both more moribund and more exciting

KFC violence is violence.

Kevin has a go at pick up lines.

And the aliens are coming, so how are going to sort out adolescent rebellion, cultural appropriation, nuclear war and what new music is dope before they arrive?

Bumper music:

MIA - Borders

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - El Vacio / Piojos Histericos

Millionaire - Body Experience Revue

Carly Rae Jepsen - When I Needed You


Sep 9, 2016

Hey!  It's a drugs episode!

Minister of Health denies snorting fake coke. Good lord almighty.

Kevin tries weed philosophy.  Goes as expected.

The Spinoff on the Chiefs [1], [2].

Jeremy Corbyn vs Hogwarts Labour. Marijuana vs Parliament. White Male Default Finance Expert syndrome explored.

Bumper music:

Zack De La Rocha: Digging for Windows

Carly Rae Jepsen: Body Language

The Black Crowes: High Head Blues

Pulp: Cocaine Socialism

Aug 31, 2016

Hey, how's it going?

Harambe's effect on local body politics is far from over. The mayoral candidates' shift allegiance (game of thrones theme intensifies) and so do we.

Kevin gets some, gives some.

And in our quick fire round to finish; France, Trump, Bluegrass, Fox, Breitbart, Faith No More and Keidis.

Bumper Music:

Prophets of Rage - Killing in the Name

Deer hoof - Learning to Apologize Effectively

Dizzee Rascal and Calvin Harris - Hype

JD McPherson - North Side Gal

and the bumper music for last episode coz I forgot to note it then in case you didn't know:

Grimes - California

Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot

The Gutter Twins - Who Will Lead Us Now?

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

Aug 13, 2016

Hey man!

We live in a material world, and opinions are material, girl.  What can Harambe can teach us about Post Truth Politics?

Also, Wellington will soon elect a brand new mayor.  Who cares, and why you should too?

And Kevin has had an alright week, mostly pills and techno.

Aug 2, 2016


The DNC happened and Clinton is the democratic nominee.  Nobody died of surprise, but what does this mean for the contest of political ideas?  Also, the GOP and the fast food strategy.

Helen Clark is standing for the position of UN Sec Gen and it is not mandatory that you support her.  Kevin Rudd is not standing and it is mandatory that you laugh.

Housing is an issue, isn't it?

And a second Kevin is disappointed.

Bumper music:

CHVRCHES: Empty Threat
Massive Attack: Inertia Creeps
The Verve: Velvet Morning
Paula Cole: I Don't Want To Wait

Jul 22, 2016

Hey now!

The RNC is a grotesque parade, sure to be viewed by history as a simulation glitch, but what do Third Eye Blind think about it?

Millennials!  Is there a culture of narcissism, or is there a culture war? Read Giovanni Tiso's bit on first home buyers.

Dan's 2000 novel gets another reading - remember to let us know what you think it is titled.

Nuclear Free is good, but is a boat a boat?  Is racism only as bad as the most racist racist? 

And McDonalds faces customisable scandal.

Bumper music:
Björk - Innocence. 
Third Eye Blind - Jumper. 
Pulley - Soberbeah 
Wesley Willis - Rock N Roll McDonald's 
Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charged Life

Jul 12, 2016


All sorts is going on, everywhere.

Rodney Hide clings to irrelevancy.  Pokemon Go is literally a game changer.  The bilious Left's hate-on for security personnel.  Dan gets free KFC.  Sugar vs local body politics.  Chilcot and the myth of hindsight.  If I stop recording around 9:30 it means I probably get to bed around 10:30 to 11.

Bumper music:

Nadia Rose - "Boom"
Primal Scream - "Rocks"
Aimee Mann - "Sugarcoated"
Sibelius - "Violin Concerto in D minor"

Jun 30, 2016


We talk to Simon in the UK about the bloody events of the past week.  Yes; all of them.  And in the hour since we recorded this we've already been overtaken by evens so be kind, dammit.

But first another reading from Dan's juvenilia.  And when the going gets tough, the tough write their staff's own resignation letters; it's human particle fibre board Paul Foster Bell.

Bumper Music:

The Twilight Singers - There's Been An Accident
R.E.M. - Man on the Moon
Geist - Zu Laut
The Stone Roses - All for One

Jun 17, 2016


First a short word on the incredibly sad events in Orlando, and also the death of Jo Cox.

Then; Dan got electrocuted.  Australian politics is full bananas. Paid Parental Leave is smited, Bennet's latest shittalk goes south, and the 90 Day Fire At Will Bill scientifically sucks butt.

But the main event is Dan found his novel, written at age ~21.  A couple of choice readings, plus a ?contest where you get to try and come up with the name. Let us know.

Bumper music:

Big Freedia: Where My Queens At?

Shimon and Andy C: Body Rock

Sneaker Pimps: Spin Spin Sugar

Darude: Sandstorm

UNKLE: Restless feat. Josh Homme

Jun 8, 2016

Hi!  Check this new format shit out.

Hillary Clinton is the first ever woman to nab the presidential candidacy of a major political party. This is a milestone and worth celebrating. It is also bad.  It is also good, anyway.  But still bad...

For Brits who are sad they can't vote Trump, there's always Brexit!  Postal voting is underway and the cretins appear to have a lead.

Staying with the Woke theme: meth.  Does your house smoke it?  Who to blame, who to pay?  Is there anything behind the growing demand for P testing of homes - not for manufacture, just for use - aside from panic?

Also; are you bad enough dude to kill the gorilla? EDM and YA Fiction.  Auckland's housing crisis and the help refuseniks - how government's shittalking came home to roost. Pun intended.

Bumper music:

Run the Jewels: Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck

Oasis: Fucking in the Bushes

Smash Mouth: All Star

Mark Lanegan Band: Methamphetamine Blues

Darude: Sandstorm

Balls podcast - desert island discs

May 30, 2016


Round three with Jonny Potts, comedian and general dude.  We talk comedy, theatre, music, podcasting, justice, politics, misc!

And Dan plays a dangerous game...

May 25, 2016

Hey, we're BACK with part two of our sit down with comedian Jonny Potts.

MUSIC: This year has seen some big names check out, up to an including Prince.  Also a year in which big names checked out: the 90s.  We discuss it all.  Yes, even the Judgement Night soundtrack.

Also, and content warnings apply here as there's nothing funny: the hate crimes, whitewashing and erasure in LGTB history and pop culture.  

We discuss Jonny's podcast project, The Year of Reading Massively.  We continue to have beers.

You can catch Jonny MC'ing the Blacklight Comedy Club, usually every last Thursday of the month and definitely this Thursday, e.g. tomorrow at time of release, at Moon bar in Newtown.

May 22, 2016


In this episode, protest and politeness in godzone.  Is there a housing crisis?  Drinking in parks.  Music from days gone by what came on CDs. And a mysterious stranger...

May 8, 2016


We're back from holiday with tales of the United States.  Trump, Clinton, Sanders, Obama - they're all here, man, drop on by.

And this will almost certainly be out of date by the time you listen to it, but we discuss the Panama Papers' effect on the image of NZ so far.

Apr 18, 2016


The world was rocked by the Panama Papers, a who's who of who'd rather not be who's who'd.  This rot goes all the way to the top - is that the point?

Also; all you can eat pizza hut, class war, and the re-re-reanimation of political corpse Don Brash, this time with bonus racist conspiracy theories.

Apr 11, 2016

Hello, and welcome to our Five Hundredth Episode!

In the news; we discuss people out on the streets scrounging for change and attention: wannabe mayoral candidates.  Will banning begging work or ahahahahahahaha. Here's that Wellingtonista article.

Health and safety changes, Kiwibank dissolves, Helen Clark makes a move and Coleman eats slops and loves it.

Apr 4, 2016


The flag referendum has happened.  Are we a nation of know-nothing, culturally-cringey hayseeds who can't see past our noses? Or are we cool?

Also; Fast food! The celebration of dysfunction in alternative music hero building! Hip hop!

Mar 30, 2016


Bernie Sanders made a friend.  Hillary Clinton loses momentum - is that all?  The Republican garbage fire burns on.  Real life romcoms are as creepy as you remember from the 90s.

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