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Aug 12, 2018

Hi. Dan's read a bit of a book so we talk about that book. Also; rebranding ACT, Winston's tenure as PM, National's conference, the wrong shoe size, USA democrats, the whole shebang.

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Jul 23, 2018

Hello. Since we last talked about the odd issues kicked up by the mooted alt-right talk in Auckland, a gaggle of the more reprehensible bullshit slingers in our nation have managed to come up with an even worse opinion and several tens of thousands of dollars to back it up. Amongst these idiots, noted nominal leftist opinionhaver Chris Trotter's position is the most pitiable. This speech is so free you can't give it away. 

And in the second half, we lower our voices because the baby's gone to bed and talk about Brexit. This isn't a metaphor, but it could be. Makes you think.

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Jul 6, 2018


Wellington has been visited by a giant sea creature and everything is pretty much OK. Auckland council so no way to some alt right numpts. Peters is PM and nobody much is bothered. And scientific pseudobeef causes a national meltdown, good grief.

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Jun 27, 2018


The PM's baby is here and that's rad. It has unfortunately caused a lot of politics which has caused noted bad at politics people like Simon Bridges to talk about it. We welcome an old friend back to see how bad the takes can get.

Plus; the latest horror and hope from the states, civility, and a shocking allegation certain to scandalise the dog community.

The Bruenigs on retirement;

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Jun 10, 2018

Everybody knew meth testing houses for use was a con - the only thing that changed was the government. Now everybody involved has to grovel their way back to humanity by explaining how they turfed people out of mouldy houses over molecules of P.

Abortion is in the news and there's a fight coming, probably.

Also; international power, the press, the president, the horrors of USA's immigration system and where it sits on the overall scale of american horrors.

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May 18, 2018


Budget time! Labour's first in a bit and it manage to confound and meet expectations, silence and incense critics, make and not make sense. Because we sure didn't read the thing it serves best as gauging a combat profile of the opposition who have to talk about why it's bad. This didn't go well.

Also; Royal wedding! Israel, Gaza and reductionism. Korea(s). Fear.

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May 9, 2018


Everything's gone to hell and you can't even pretend to make a t-shirt in NZ these days. What's the worst type of rich person? Grimes and Elon raises eyebrows. Shoes. Korea's peace, Iranian war. DJ Khalid. 

Incel terrorism and the associated reckons. Those Clarke rumours and the little cesspit that spawned them. And Bridges just can't catch a break.

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Apr 27, 2018


Tonnes is up. In all the talk of the first 6 months of the new government, there's still plenty of post-mortem to do on the previous one. Was the health crisis a beat-up? Is Collins waging a war on snowflakes? Who's in charge of this crowd?

Also; Kayne West is Kanyesque. The final Anzac day of the WW1 centenary has been. Which war was your favourite?

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Apr 16, 2018


Cogent war opinions are above everybody's station and ability - maybe that's the point. Many's the time I've talked my face off about this injustice or that and later remembered I'd forgotten to also add that the whole sorry state of slaughter and waste makes sense when you remember this conflicts are the first look some other countries get of weapons they're considering buying. This is one of those times. Syria was already a multi-sided battle torn hellscape, and now they've got to deal with the French.

In other wars; New Zealand will hold an inquiry into the allegations our troops killed innocent civilians in Afghanistan. An inquiry is when somebody looks at all available evidence and comes to the same conclusions as reporters who studiously refuse to do likewise have, apparently.

Also; Jezza Corbyn and antisemitism, the new poll result, tide pod patent infringement; the good stuff.

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Radio War Nerd

Mar 31, 2018


Sorry for the delay. In this episode; never bet against the popular sentiment that airlines can eat dirt and cry about it. Political intrigue abounds with clandestine coffees and inarticulated Ruskie scares in the air. 

The internet has already taken a few bites of this, but Dan has read Jordan B Peterson's 'Twelve Rules For Life'. This book has been widely criticised for its gender politics and its failure to unseat the IceTV Guide to Life's 20-year stranglehold on the slacker self help crown. It has also been criticised for being bad. Dan gives his report herein.

And Jonathan Coleman manages to both bow and slink out of public life simultaneously.

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Mar 3, 2018


Things move fast when you're slow. English is out and *checks notes* Bore Smidgins is in. National now face either the complete unknown or a spiral of well-worn tedium - no in-betweens.

Donald Glover, Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton are all coming to New Zealand, which is nice.

And Seven Sharp make the oddest video about political memes, but we're the last people to get to this, literally.

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Feb 18, 2018


Ha ha, it totally happened; Bill English quit two weeks after saying he wouldn't. Now a gallery of ghouls compete for his place for the honour of leading a divided party to defeat and another round of soul-searching in 2020.

Plus related-to-various degrees; allegations of dimwittery regarding an MP's use of snapchat put the world's worst detectives on the hunt for an antagonist. Trump and Russia and monsters under the DNC's bed. Meanwhile Labour actually appear to be making social progress.

Link to War Nerd interview preview with Yasha Levine on the military origins of essentially the entire internet. Yes even that bit.

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Jan 28, 2018


Stephanie joins us to talk Jacinda's baby news and what this might mean for representation in politics in the years ahead, and all of politics ever.

Also the TPP or whatever it calls itself was signed to next to no fanfare or opposition. One of the lightening rods for political dissent under the previous administration just whistles home under this one - what gives?

Also, the weather still sucks. Pay equity in NZ and especially professional sport. Mills and Boone romance novels. Good stuff.

Go read Stephanie's stuff at her site or twitter @BootsTheory or Patreon!

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Jan 15, 2018


Sorry for the long wait, but here it is! Our annual end-of-year roundup with Mike from Riot Radio.

2017 was an amazing if puzzling year for music and there is PLENTY to talk about. Witness our bonus length Best of 2017 Spotify Playlist which is only the songs we absolutely couldn't do without. Honest.

Playlist goes:

1st third Dave (Dandy Warhols to UNKLE  feat Mark Lanegan)

2nd third Dan (Japandroids to Warbly Jets)

3rd third Mike (Generationals to Fazerdaze)

As well as being awesome, music has also been very political of late. So this is an episode about that, too.


Dec 6, 2017


Dateline; the fricken desert or something. The weather is fricken oppressive and good god we're all dying.

In other news as the weather heats up; upon which miscommunication will this government fail? Don Brash has a go of it. Do petty local government concerns warrant comparisons with Naziism (that's an easy one). But mostly this is a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend fan show now, so we talk a lot about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

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Jess Mills - Vultures (Photek's Dub Remix)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast - I'm Just A Girl In Love

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast - Ping Pong Girl

Nov 16, 2017


Modern Australia is a bizarre mix of cosmopolitan western liberalism and hellhole deathcamp paranoid racist wasp fundamentalism. They're weird and we're sick of them. The Manus Island situation is criminal and the fact our new PM appears to agree, well, that apparently doesn't go down well in some circles.

In domestic news, procedural whoopsies sort of mar the incoming government, I guess, if you're a nerd. The TPPA morphs. And Bill English, unable to become an irresistible force, commits to being an immovable object.

Also the United States had some elections, proving two things; they haven't cancelled having elections yet, and the organised left can do things.

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Oct 29, 2017

Hey, how's it going?

For a parcel of rogues, lashed together by fate and circumstance, this new government sure makes it look easy. But not all are so happy. We run down this Spinoff article on why National's message is needed now more than ever. It's not.

In other news, National lost the copyright case brought against them by Eminem's publishing company. Ha ha. Max Key to the rescue. Also fast food, personal failings, terror, woe, gardening.

Bumper music;

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers; "Even The Losers"

Ian Van Dahl; "Castles In The Sky"

Weird Al Yankovic; "Couch Potato"

Oct 20, 2017

Hell yeah.

It finally happened. We go over how wrong we were, how worthless our analysis has been, and why we're now totally right.

Electoral victory is only half the battle, if that, and the Doing Of Politics is far from over if anything's gonna be done. But that's not to say there isn't room for a little celebration right now.

In related news; the NZ commentariat and it's relationship to culture, the NZ commentariat and it's relationship to social media, the NZ commentariat and it's relationship to reality. Can a few choice tweets really reduce our great minds to quivering wrecks weeping for the civilising influence of europeanness? 

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Peter Gabriel - It Is Accomplished (from Passion: Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ)

Oct 8, 2017


So Duncan Garner wrote a thing. Nominally about immigration and infrastructure, it's been widely decried for being racist and he's roundly enjoyed the ensuing martyrdom a couple dozen naysayers have delivered him. Theories abound - lazy writing, dim thinking, or something more sinister?

Don't read it - read Stephanie Rodgers instead. Or the NZ Human Rights Commission tweeting a concerned face emoji about it

In other news! We had an election and now we know who won? Winston Peters still sucks. We try to talk classic film (?) and Hugh Hefner died - here's You Must Remember This' episode on Dorothy Stratten which is required listening for an insight into his destructive mission.

Bumper Music;

Danger Mouse - Chase Me (feat. Run the Jewels and Big Boi)

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Yo Soy La Destrucción

Alistair Hullet & Dave Swarbrick - Don't Sign Up For War

Sep 27, 2017


We had an election and that's the last we'll have to say about who governs us for a while. We name the blights against our democracy, from Winston Peters to the media Winston Peters makes his bread and butter denouncing. 

Also, Trump vs the NFL, Clinton's new book fittingly reviewed by proxy, Snoop Dog, the politicisation of humanitarian crises, the hell we call Earth.

Bumper Music!

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The Datsuns - MF From Hell

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Sep 18, 2017


The mobilisation of (some) farmers to protest illustrates a deep divide in NZ, just not the one being protested. Farmers are thought of as National's original rock, but with the last week acting as a highlights reel of decades of politicisation, misinformation, scaremongering and shortchanging, is this relationship healthy at all?

Meanwhile, Auckland airport goes kaput due to fossicking. Oh what a to do.

And there's an election going on, so we need to talk for perhaps the last time about TOP's silliness. What have the polls got us thinking? Will the final week of the campaign be a carnival of horrors? Who knows. The die will be cast when we all meet again. 

Gordon Campbell; Ten Reasons for Not Voting National

Simon Wilson; New Zealand doesn't have an urban-rural divide – but National's trying its hardest to create one

Duncan Grieve; Screaming Into The Void With Gareth Morgan and TOP

Bumper music;

Kelis - Milkshake

Ry Cooder - Taxes on the Farmer Feed Us All

Angus and Julia Stone - Chateau 

Sep 11, 2017


With all the to do this election campaign we try and keep this short and snappy. One out of two ain't bad.

National's hits on Labour appear to come from all directions but is anything sticking? The finance test was passed easily, the moral equivalence test was reported as a stuff-up right away. Is this working - is it supposed to?

Recent elections have been about the unthinkable - NZ 2017's unthinkable result is the Green party leave parliament. What now that that may happen?

Is celebration of Ardern's ascension premature? Well, literally, yes, but even so? What do we want out of government anyway?

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Sep 4, 2017


Since we last yakked, Labour topped the polls, there was a debate we watched and one we didn't, scandal aplenty and the world went to hell.

Jacinda Ardern is on the warpath and English kind of looks like a div. Can a man and a woman just have a discussion about the economy or is our political language to ripe a minefield for subtle gendered snipes?  

 Meanwhile, Antifa are smeared, Winston Peters gets down, and nobody has the right amount of money - not the poor, not the rich, and not Steven Joyce.

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Aug 27, 2017


Charlottesville is the unvarnished truth of America. Has the idea that sectarian clashes only happen to other people been one long PR job? The experience of seeing the world for what it is and not what its statues, stories and structures suggest is jarring. 

Peter Dunne runs away. Are the dead rats swallowed in his ejection now to be regurgitated? That's an unpleasant sentence. The questionarification of New Zealand elections is a thing. Gareth Morgan is still a mondo plonker.

Bill English appears to be no better at this than last time, and Jacinda Ardern is very good. But what becomes of us, my darling, if we win? Are we destined to become monsters ourselves?

Bumper music;

The Dandy Warhols - Thick Girls Knock Me Out (Richard Skarkey)

Filthy Friends - Windmill

David Rawlings - Cumberland Gap

Jasiri X - What If The Tea Party Was Black?

Aug 13, 2017


Here are the links to Stephanie Rodgers and Leilani Momoisea on Metiria Turei, whose story is hard to see as anything other than an indictment of so many of this country's attitudes. 

Also, hey, nuclear war.

In other news, a dude from Google puts the man in manifesto. Te TOP launch their bad campaign which is bad and they are bad for doing it. And in this time of uncertain leadership, can Mike Hosking reunite the nation?

This was recorded Saturday 12th NZ time so prior to the murder in Charlottesville - yet another event against which have a few political laffs feel so inadequate.

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